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PLEURABRADE™ is a general use instrument, designed to help thoracic surgeons abrade pleural tissue during a mechanical pleurodesis. The device is comprised of a nylon bristle brush in a twisted stainless steel wire format at the distal end of a shaft. The shaft is comprised of annealed stainless steel 4mm tubing. Both the tubular shaft and brush part are designed for bending in order to better access all pleural tissue spaces. This instrument fits through a 5mm access port.

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Butterfield Technologies is a Portland Maine company devoted to delivering solutions-oriented innovation to the marketplace. Our most valuable assets are the people who work for us and collaborate with us. We recognize the importance of contributing to a healthy community where all people, animals, land, water and air are valued and protected.


In a successful collaboration with the Maine Institute of Technology, we are excited to market our first innovation to thoracic surgeons and hospitals across the globe. The Pleurabrade™ is a general use disposable instrument that may help facilitate the abrasion of pleural tissue during a mechanical pleurodesis procedure.


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